Limehat & Company

Digital Media Specialists

“Information's pretty thin stuff unless mixed with experience.” 


Laurie Ann Ulrich

Laurie's career has included roles as a systems administrator, a database designer, a marketing and sales manager, a graphic artist, a teacher, and a writer. She is currently our CEO. Laurie has written and co-authored over 30 internationally-published books pertaining to her fields of expertise, is adjunct faculty at several colleges and universities, and in 2004, Laurie’s classroom expanded to include students from all over the US and throughout the world, via online courses on Microsoft Office, Graphic Design, Adobe Photoshop, and Google Analytics. She provides voiceover performances for training and promotional videos, designs training programs for a wide variety of industries and organizations, creates web and print graphics, and is an expert in photo and document restoration/retouching.

Robert C. Fuller

Robert comes to Limehat from Silicon Alley, having been part of the Boston Consulting Group's successful incubation of Site59, Inc - a unique travel/adventure website utilizing patented backend software his team helped to develop, and later merged with Travelocity. In both online and in-class environments, Mr. Fuller has taught over 100,000 individuals about computer graphics and Web development. He's held adjunct faculty positions at Temple University, The Pennsylvania College of Art & Design, and the Lancaster County Career and Technology Center—having developed the web certification curriculum for both Temple and LCCTC. Robert also writes - courseware and textbooks - currently maintaining and facilitating online courseware for Education to Go (, one of the largest providers of online educational content in North America, where his classes have consistently ranked among their most popular offerings.

And Company...

The rest of Limehat & Company’s team - the “& Company” - consists of highly dedicated trainers, designers, programmers, hardware and software technicians, and other IT and business professionals, whose expertise enable us to respond to virtually any business or IT need, quickly and effectively. We’ve worked to form partnerships with the best and brightest, so that we can do the best possible job for our clients, accommodating a wide range of needs, goals, and budgets.

Supporting Good Works

Limehat & Company is a proud to donate their skills and services to support the important work done by The Center for Community Peacemaking.