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Instructional Design & Training

As instructional designers, trainers, and courseware producers, we specialize in helping people become more creative, effective, and efficient in their use of computers and software as well as "soft subjects" - business and personal communication, personal enrichment, or to master any skill needed to become or remain viable on the job or in the job market. We use the "latest and greatest" tools to develop video and interactive training and testing materials, as well as print materials to support students after class. By tailoring the instruction provided to meet the specific needs of each student, not only do students learn more, they remember - and, best of all, use - more of what they've learned. And if you're a business owner or HR director, you know the cost of not training far exceeds the cost of educating your staff. The cost of not training your people is quantifiable in terms of turnover, lost hours due to ineffective or insufficient job skills, and the inertia created by low morale. Organizations that regularly engage in training - for everything from new employee orientations to sales techniques to business ettiquette to computer skills - retain their efficient, creative, enthusiastic staff for years longer than firms and non-profits that try to save money by hoping people can learn and grow on their own.

We specialize in the following computer-related topics:

Microsoft Office & Windows
Windows (all versions)
Visual Basic for Applications
Adobe Creative Suite (all versions through CC)
Web-related Tools, Languages, & Technologies
Social Media (for business, non-profit, and personal promotion)
Google Apps & Analytics

Our technical/computer training is 100% hands-on and task-oriented. This means that you learn by doing, and learn by doing things that are relevant to the way you work and what you need to accomplish on a dialy basis. From simply learning how computers work to mastering specific applications, we bring decades of experience to you in a friendly, productive, and professional learning environment.

We also create customized training in "soft subjects" such as business writing, office etiquette, sales, customer service, and public speaking.

Don't see your topic here? Get in touch. We're always expanding our topic list to meet the ongoing and ever-changing needs of our clients.

We offer multiple training options:

We can bring training to you in any of three convenient ways:

Check out our training partner, The Digital Workshop! They offer classes in Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access, & Outlook) and the entire Adobe Creative/CC Suite (Photoshop, InDesign, Flash, Dreamweaver, & Acrobat) along with Social Media training.

Web-based Training and Sales Materials

If live, instructor-led training isn't what you need, or as a supplement to such training, consider our web-based instruction -- we design courses that your students can "attend" on their own schedule -- by accessing the course online, anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

These tutorials are effective in so many ways, enabling you to train any number of students - quickly, easily, and for a very reasonable fee. Our web-based offerings don't end there - we can also create customized print and web-based promotional materials for your sales staff to use at trade shows, seminars, or as a mailer. We also produce marketing and sales presentations, providing a quick and effective way to generate enthusiasm and knowledge for your employees and clients.